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What Is White Light’s Got Issues?

White Light was born in 2001. We’re old enough to get married. Old enough to join the army. Old enough to have sex and ride a moped and buy a lottery ticket. Naturally, reaching significant milestones like this can trigger self-contemplation and pose existential questions. What is the purpose of this agency? What’s the mission? What’s the point? Why are we here?

At a basic level we’re here to help solve people’s problems. What keeps us in business is that, thankfully, everyone is bedevilled by interminable troubles. Every day and in every way you are thwarted and harassed and embarrassed and perplexed by a fiendish array of problems. We are too. We’ve got serious issues. Many of them we share with you, as marketers, of course, but also as citizens of this complex and infuriating world.

But a problem shared is a problem halved. With White Light’s Got Issues we want to shoulder our share of the burden by taking on one problem at a time. We won’t be scared off by the big, scary apocalypse-threatening problems, nor will we consider ourselves above helping out with your little, glitchy, wrinkly, niggly, I-can’t-get-my-job-done problems.

We’ll approach each problem from as many angles and tangents as we can find and we’ll seek out the insights and experts that will offer solutions, with a particular eye to how we can inspire, enlighten and entertain the people, businesses and brands that we exist to help. And we’ll present our findings here each quarter in whatever form best tells the story – from long-form features to GIFs. And truthfully, what problem can’t be solved with a short video clip of an amusing cat?

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